Nora Gale
Actor Nora Arnezeder
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Female

Nora gale is the oldest daughter of Norman and Angela Gale,and the older sister of Peggy. Nora is a strong, beautiful and athletic young woman. Nora is 25 years old. After her mother's death she joined the army and works there ever since. She doesn't get along much with her father, who focused on his work after his wife died, closing up on his two daughters. After the apocalypse, Norman pulled some strings without Nora knowing to bring her to work at the bunker he and the other scientists worked, making Nora work for commander William Harris. Nora thinks her father now blames her for not being there to protect her sister, and she also blames herself, but her father is actually ashamed of himself and admires his daughter and how much she reminds him of her strong, independent wife. After they leave the bunker, the two of them work things out and promise to find Peggy. Nora then grows close to her father once more, who dies to protect her after a while. Happy to have saved his daughter, and feeling redeemed about being unable to protect Peggy, he dies and with his dying breath encourages Nora to find Peggy. Nora's will to find her sister then kkeeps her going, ntil she develops friendly and romantic relationships with the rest of the group. She eventually goes back to her hometown and finds her sister dead and under possession by one of these things, and after attempting to see  if there is anything lef inside her, she smashes her skull, takes out the tip of the leech and smashes it in her bare hands

She develops a romantic relationship with Jason Davis. They break up after Michael's death, but reunite much later. During the final battle against the cartel, she is shot in the stomach and is seriously wounded. In order to save her, she has her womb removed and thus she is unable to have children from that point forward. Jason stands by her every step of the way, despite they are not together, and still wants to stay with her no matter what, without thinking twice. By now she knows that he has become a better man than he was the previous time, but still hesitates, saying she will never be able to give him children, and Jason says he knows that and wants to be with her, even if this means no children. he says he loves her because they made the world saer together, and the fact that they are even thinking about children is proof of that. He says he wants to spend his remaining time in this world with her, because she makes it beautiful. He also adds that when the time comes, he is open to adoption if she is too. He then gets on his knees and proposes to her, and she gratefully accepts. They get married shortly after.

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