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Introduction Edit

"Fantasy is to create something out of nothingness"

Dedicated to children of all ages who refused to grow up

Early onEdit

William is anxious, inexperienced, doubts himself, and fears that the group will stop believing in himself too. Therefore, when the group believes they should stop (when they stop for a long time) he disagrees with everyone, but in the end he agrees. Later on, he makes some mistakes and some people want to have a say in the decisions taken, and a conflict ensues. Michael is among those people. William is saved then by Michael, Michael says no matter how much he disagrees, he needs William. He just wishes William understands how much he needs them too. William then decides to come clean with the group, he says he doubts himself and fears they will abandon him and he will fail this mission, which is essential for humanity itself.The group assures him that he is one of the main reasons they are alive, and they only want to make decisions more democratic because they will think some things better, and some anxiety will be ataken off of him. William agrees, and promises things will be dificult from that point onward. He and Michael then become best friends

Military base confirmedEdit

At some point, it becomes clear that the military base still stands, and the group decide to abandon their base to reach the military base. This decision is unanimous, as William has allowed everyone to vote and decide for themselves. In the end, they all decide to stand together and go for the military base under William's leadership

Just after the beginning Edit

After the beginning, many remember the past and how it used to be. Some people remember people they lost, Nora remembers her fiance (who will appear later again), another one will note how things like facebook etc that took up a lot of his time now he doesn't even think of them, and during a supply trip, another will take a button shirt and ask if he looks good. Then he will wonder if they are ever going to be dressed well again, or it will be redundant from now on

When it comes to what they are going to do, it is decided to send a small group in a nearby encampment while the civilians stay in a safe place. When the group returns, they say the encampment was overrun and William decides the only chance they have is to leave all together and try to reach the military base. Others (scientists) say the dead will soon rot away, and they should hole up somewhere instead of travel. William agrees. In this first hideout is where Ryan is captured and the base is overrun by an attack of alien forces. Then William says they will only be safe inside a much larger base than that.


At first, when they are in the hideout, many leechers attack them and they are forced to fight back. Eventually, they start running low on firearms, food and water so William decides they should evacuate the hideout and head for the military encampment. On the road, they search for shelter in the nights, food, water and guns and generally anything in this list

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Video Game Edit

At some point in the beginning, the kids have found a video game and spend time playing it. William learns this and forbids it, saying that this belonged too some other kid who may some day return to this house and want his game back. The kids are disappointed but obey. Christine then says "Heard you took away the video game", William replied that it isn't theirs, and he doesn't want them to learn to pillage anything they want. The world isn't like that yet. Christine then says the world is like that, and the kid that owned the playstation was probably among the hordes of the dead walking the earth. Worse things can happen to them than play a few video games. She says that Brian has become distant and hasn't played with the others, instead he constantly looks out of the window. William agrees that Brian is stressed with the situation, and he is more grown up than the rest of the children. Christine then says he should let them play, and encourage Brian to play too. She says Jerry has been better ever since they found this game, and didn't wet his bed the day before (William was on a supply trip and saw the video game one day after they found it). She also said having cheerful children around did good to the group as well. William agreed and headed upstairs. When he did, he called all the children around and brought the playstation too. He asked them how they played and challenged them saying he is good. The kids said they had only one remote and game, but the fastest course done by anyone appears as a ghost when another one plays. So each plays one round and they compare their times. William accepts and one kid erases all previous records to start a new one. William plays and asks Brian if he can beat his father. Brian accepts and plays a round too, but loses for a few seconds. The group shouts when this happens, and slowly more people gather around. Another kid plays later, and does good, followed by another and then by another. More and more of the adults enlist to play by the end, and before they know it it's a tournament. Mat then takes out a sweet he found in a convenience store and says whoever wins will have this. Now with a prize to wait, people get more excited over this. Christine comes as well, and takes part but crashes the car a lot, taking lots of minutes to complete the round. In the end, Jerry is the one to beat everyone with ease, and he gets the treat which he shares with his friends, brother and sister. Since this was the first time the group had fun as a whole, by playing a video game together for hours, it was when William realised things are going to get better.

This video game comes into play again when Steven is accidentally killed by Brian. Williamm finds the video game stashed somewhere inside their stuff and Steven's high score is still there. William cries as he plays the game over and over again, feeling his son being there as his "ghost" car passes his own. At sme point, William manages to pass Steven's high score, but stops moments before the finishing line so that his son never goes away.


On the road they stumble along some people headed for Nebraska. The two families suggest they all ggo together.The group is close to Nebraska, and it is divided in two when someone suggests they go to Nebraska and make a home there. He makes some good points, such as Nebraska is densely populated, therefore, not many leechers are going to exist there, the locals have lots of weapons and many must have survived, and it is surrounded by natural barriers, making it almost impossible for leechers to come from other areas. William is opposed to this, and people demand a vote, and William avoid it at first. Then he allows it, and gives some time to everyone to think about it. When the time of the voting come though, he says he doesn't care what everyone does, but he will take his family and whoever wants to follow him and head for the headquarters. Another man says he cannot split the group in two, but William does not go back in this. he then says they do not need to vote, but they leave the next day, and the voting will take place there, because simply, whoever wants to go with him goes, and whoever wants to go to Nebraska can go.

Fortified villageEdit

Some time during their travels, they find a village which has been bariicaded by the townsfolk, and is secured. People have taken up arms and guard the walls day and night, and do not leave anyone enter the walls anymore. They fear someone will turn and kill residents inside the safe-zone. One of the group members is hurt though and his daughter pleads with them to help him. The residents refuse and warn that they will shoot her if she gets any closer. She does and gets shot and killed. William then decides to leave, after a gunfight ensues, leaving many residents injured. He says they do not have to continue this and endanger innocents who might live inside. People agree and they leave. A while later, the son of the injured man takes his father and takes him back to the safe-zone, aiming to save his father and take revenge on his sister's murder. Their fate is unknown ever since

The family killed in this is one of those who were found going to Nebraska. Theoher two didn't care enough to stop them from going after the villagers, nor go with them and engage in battle.

Dragonball referenceEdit

When William's son dies, Michael goes to comfort him. He then describes the incident when his wife died and what Jason told him. He said he feared telling Mat, because he feared the boy's reaction, but jason was always more understanding and calm minded. But he also lost it that moment. He started crying uncontrollably. He fell down. He started trembling. But in all that crying, all that grief and hopelessness, Jason found just the right words to tell me. He told me something he once read in a damn manga. He said that a time comes in life, when we think we have it all figured out. That we can deal with whatever comes our way. Except we don't. We never do. Because you can never be strong enoughto handle everything. Something will make you fall down. But being strong isn't about not falling down. Being strong is about finding the strength to get back up. It's about standing up again and dealing with whatever forced you down the first time. That is true strength. And right then, moments after realising I had lost the love of my life, I found the strength to get back up. And I took my son out of that damned building. I found the strength I needed, because I wanted to save my children's lives. So I 'm asking you, Sir, captain, leader, friend, brother, find the strength to lead us again. For your family. For our families. For everyone in ths group. And who knows, maybe the fate of the entire human race depends on us making it. So find the strength, and find it soon. For mankind.

The human historyEdit

The aliens reveal that their ancestors attacked earth thousands of years before and that's how evolution is done. They say that the leeched gorillas got intelligence and slowly turned into humans. They also say the leechers are the future of the human race. Whether this is real or fake, it remains to be seen

Cargo shipEdit

Sometime in their trip, they encounter a cargo ship which raids small towns near the sea for supplies. It is inhabited by former pirates who now roam the seas without someone to bring them to justice. The group fights back against them and manage to repel them. The ship then sails again, but is damaged. It is unknown if the pirates survive or die in the ocean

Jason and Nora adopt children Edit

This happens after Jason and Nora decide to adopt children. Johnnie has two and gets bitten and is about to die. The character has just come from a spin off and die sin a mission, with people he doesn't yet know much. His/her death causes the people from the two stories to come together. These events happen:

1) When Jonnie is bitten, Jason asks him if he wants to die now, but Jonnie laughs it off and says he still has time left.

2) After they escape the imminent danger, Jason talks to him again. Jonnie says the only difference between the two of them is the time each of them have left. Why give up? We will all die someday. Tomorrow or in years doesn't matter, life can be enjoyed at all times. Especially now that he has little time left, he has to cherish every second alive. Jason asks if he is sad, and he says he is not. He says that all his life he lived his life doing what he wanted and controlling his life, and the only sad thing is that there are people who will live a whole life emptier than his last hours will be. He says he wants to go back home and hug his children one last time, cry because he will see them one last time, and give them a speech that will stay with them forever, that will make them strong. He says he adopted his children about a year ago (or more depending on how many years have passed) and that their adoptive parents died early on. He says his life is complete knowing he will have played a role in their lives. He offers a last piece of advice to Jason, saying that one doesn't lose when he loses, one loses when he gives up. Even if defeat is certain, even if there is no point in trying anymore, keep trying to give god one last middle finger, before going out like a boss (Jason will remember this in the final battle after Nora and Mat are killed, and he will keep going). Nora then asks if he was always so poetic, or this happened now that he is dying, and he says that now that he is free, he sees things more clearly. He is free from the prison of life, the biggest prison of all. Nora smiles, and the man asks her to take care of his children, and to tell them he loves them if he won't make it. Nora tearfully agrees and tells him his children will grow up to be strong and amazing people like him, and he will have played a large role in that. Jonnie dies before they reach the town, and Jason and Nora deliver the news to the children.

3) The children agree to live with the couple at first, but are irrelevant. Jason and Nora talk to them after some time, and the children say they will die like all their previous parents before them. Jason counters this saying he doesn't know this, but Nora stops him and gives them the speech Jonnie gave them before he died. When she finishes, she tells them Jonnie told these things as tears come to their eyes. She then say that regardless whether they die or not, they will be there for as long as they are going to be, and this is all that matters. Jason then adds that they do not ask for their love by any means, they just want them to open their hearts and live life regardless of the death that lurks all around them. He adds that they both love them unconditionally, but are not there to replace their older parents, and frankly, they are clueless about what to do. Their relationship can go as far as the children want to, but no matter what, Jason and Nora will always take care of them. The children jokingly reply that they have raised three parents until now and they can show them around

Michael's skullEdit

After he is cut in half, Michael's head is cut off, his brain removed from it and then covered in gold and turned into a cup. The Cartel leader forces James to drink from it when he goes to teach at the college. The leader also drinks at the college as a history teacher too.

It is there that the leader of the cartel admits to James that he respects him for his knowledge, and he would have never killed him, because he needs people like him to continue civilization. But he says that he still hates him for leading a resistance against him, and he will continue torturing him. Then he takes him at his office and offers him to drink from a cup. He says the cup was made by spilling gold on his son's skull, and when James refuses to drink, the leader says he wll have his grandchildren killed in the next assault. James drinks and cries, and the leader says he is confident that he will never try anyting against him, and convince his people to do the same, as William hears him like a father.

During the assault, when the leechers assault the base, James groups with the others and instead of escaping, he goes back to the university because he believes the leader will go there to take history books before leaving. He does this to end things once and for all. He hides in the leader's office, and waits for him there. When the leader comes, he comes out and points his gun at him, holding a book in his hand. The leader threatens that he will die if he kills him, and offers to take him along, as he values James' life. James cuts him saying he doesn't care to live, instead he will die there with him. Then he shoots him in the leg, and he falls down. James goes over him, and the leader says James reminded him of what he could become if some things hadn't happened to him. He say the two of them aren't that different, and he could have become a successful history professor like James, since he tried to leve outlaw life when his son was born. So he made a deal with the FBI to hand the cartel in, in exchange for a way out. However, the cartel found out, broke in his house and killed his newborn in front of his eyes. He then pulled some strings and rallied many people who helped him take down the cartel leaders, and he got in charge of it. Then, he threatened the fbi and won them over, so that he could work autonomously. When the invasion broke out, many fbi agents seeked shelter from him and he gave it to them. He continues saying that he tried to do the same to James. James then shoots him in the neck, and the leader chokes on his own blood.Immediatelly his guards come in, and James throws his gun on the ground. He says "kill me or leave me, just be done with it. I am dead no matter what". Then gunshots are heard, and a man frm behind kills some of the bodyguards. Then he tells James to go with him. Outside, he kills a couple guys more and takes the armored vehicle that will lead them to safety. He says he hated the leader too and was forced to work for him. James is saved that way.

Actors Edit

Tragic lossEdit

Someone from the group loses someone close to them, and they give up, wanting to die. He is saved by another member though, as he had stayed for the leechers. The savior says they should never give up, and the two make it to safety. After a while, he tells himself "We never give up, we continue" and notes on how far he has come despite the odds. Other people have also made this quote usual, as it is said whenever someone feels like giving up.

Burning MoneyEdit

During a supply trip, the group finds a stash of lots of money, and Jack announces they are rich. He laughs and says all his life he was expecting for this moment, and it comes when money is totally worthless. He takes the bags nonetheless and brings it to camp. At night when they start a fire, he starts burning them and announces the end of civilization comes when money has lost its value. he says that in this world there is nothing to control or be important anymore, and everyone should realise that. Nora cuts him and says that in the new world, supplies and guns are the new money, and even worse they are going to relive a time where money was rare to be found.

Dead FamilyEdit

When they enter a house, they find a couple dead laying on the bed, with a crib by it. On the pillow there is a suicide note, saying that the couple committed suicide, since the leeches took all their neighbors and their time was coming. It said they wouldn't give in to the aliens and wouldn't become their slaves. However, the crib has a baby inside which is leeched. The group is shocked by this and decides to  put an end to its suffering. 

Later, Mat Davis mentions this event again when he is deleeched, saying that that family had made the right call, because when you are leeched, you fight in your head to retain who you are, as you slowly lose parts of yourself. he says it is something horrible that can't be described with words

Lunatic priest and servantsEdit

Along the journey to the military base, the group stumbles upon a small encampment led by a priest. When they first meet, William asks for help, saying that they have a mission to end this plague. The people rejoice and welcome them in where they have a grand celebration. The leader of these people asks william what their mission is, and William says it's classified, and that he will only reveal information to those who will join him. The leader agrees, and wishes for god to be on William's side. William then decides those who do not fight should stay in this area to be safe, while he and him men will leave and clear the area ahead, making it safer for them to pass. While they were gone, the community reveals their true colors to those left behind. As time passes, people realise the townsfolk have a wrong opinion on what the leechers are. A kid says his (parent probably) turned into a leecher, and was put down. Another child (the leader's nephew) said only the ones god has judged as evil turn. The child gets angry and they have a fight, and the leader intervenes and condemnes the child as evil, like his parent. There is a conflict there withh William's group, where they explain to the whole village what leeching is, and that all the world saw the aliens attacking. They are then captured as evil too, and are scheduled to be tested in the morning. All but a few people are captured, and at the same time, someone goes to alert someone from the village, and captures him with the leader's wife. They are both taken out, and the leader is left spechless. He then says that he won't judge them, and that god must. Then he says they will take the test right then. About an hpour later, the woman and her lover are tied to two crosses. The leader, almost sobbing, says they will take the judgement and explains what it is. The man, he says, is built by the image of God. So in a last attept to save his soul, he will have the same fate as their savior Jesus. Right at that moment, two of his men pierce him on the cross, as he crumbles to pain. His wife says she loves him, and that the lover should be let go, while crying. The cross is brought vertically, and the man shouts from the pain. Then another man picks up a sledgehammer, and breaks the lover's legs. The wife screams from fear, and demands a quick death. Right after, the same man takes a whip and starts whiping the lover until hee passes out. The wife is then tied to a pole and the priest of the village starts chanting, saying that the holy flames will purge the witch that has occupied this body. After a lot of branches are left by the townspeople, the leader throws a torch on the branches and they set on fire. The prisoners (William's group) are shocked by what they see, and shout for someone to stop the whole thing. The woman is now on fire, until her screams quiet down. Then she falls down, unconcious and probably dead. The leader goes over her body and puts out her fire with a fire extinguisher. He then touches her neck and announces her dead. He goes to the lover and does the same. He is dead too. He then announces that they will now wait for god's judgement, praying for their friends to find peace. 

In the next chapter, the sun rises and the lover has turned. His skin is bluish and purple and blue veins pop out of his head an nerves all over his body. As he is still on the cross, he tries to reach for the wife's body to bite. Soon, the leader appears followed by the entire village. He shows the turned lover to the people, stating that he was the evil that dragged his wife into the sin. Then he looks at his wife, and says she is forgiven, clearly touched and overjoyed. His people cheer up and applaud, shouting her name, while he cries and turns to her scorched body. He kisses her on the forehead and promises to find her in paradise, because that's where he will go too. Then he  goes to his nephew and kisses him too, and asks that he gets happy, as his aunt and adoptive mother is a woman of god. The kid is sad, cries and is scared too though. The lover's leecher has his hands broken too and is buried without being put down.  As they go to bring the science group, they realise they have escaped. The leader asks what has happened, but nobody seems to know. In a flashback, a shady figure is shown going to give water to the crucified man, only to find him leeched. Then someone from the group calls for him and asks him to release them and the figure does. Back in the present, the leader smiles and tells people not to worry. The military from the group will be back, so the rest of the group, mostly consisting of children won't be far either as they will need to wait  for the soldiers.

Search parties are organised to go look for them, while the leader is completely out of his mind. His adoptive son is still afraid, but the leader says he does eveything so that he will go on living. He then hugs him. After a few days and many fruitless efforts, the leader and a few of his men are in the storage units discussing the zero progress. The leader says he can't be wrong, but some of his men argue that they checked all possible places and the forest thoroughly. The leader says they should search again, as they can't have them out there running loose. The military said they would be back the previous day, so there was no time to stall. Someone said that maybe they left, and they should maybe be left alone. The leader then punched him in the stomach and told him to shut up, as he saw something interesting. The food from the supply crates was diminishing rapidly. They are still here, he said. 

A few minutes later, the leader would enter every building. One of the townsfolk opened a small hatch to the basement and said they are searching houses. In a flashback, it was revealed it was him who let them go, but instead of running, they tore down the fence a little and instead hid in his house, waiting patiently for the military to arrive. Over the days, the resident would smuggle food inside the house to keep them fed. As days passed, and the date William set for their return passed, more and more of the group started thinking that they were dead. Christine was among the few who still held hope, but eventually the rest of the people prevalied and they decided to tell the resident smuggle weapons so that they make a run for it. As he came in and said they are searching houses, the group takes up weapons and prepare to defend themselves. When the leader's men knock, they start shooting through the windows, hitting a few of them as they surprised them. After that, for a while there were gunfights, until william and the others arrived from their scouting trip. With their greater numbers and training, William's men held the leader's back long enough for the people to get inside a van and leave. The resident who helped them went with them, and asked how the military knew  about what had happened. One of the group replied that the leader was right that they couldn't leave, because if they did William would walk right inside a trap. Someone had  to stay and warn him, so when they stayed in the house, one of them slipped outside the fence and waited for william. William then said they were back since the morning, and that they waited for nightfall to help them escape. William's group suffered only a few gunshots, and none dead, but the emotional scar was left there. As they were driving away, the leader's community would be seen for the last time.

Back in the community, the leader ordered the people to get into cars and go after them. His men were discouraged because they had suffered great losses, but the leader yelled more until his adoptive son appeared and asked for him. When he turned his head, he saw the boy bleeding from the stomach. He quickly ran to him and held him, but the boy passed out right away. A while later, he was seen in the infirmary, holding onto the boy's hand. The guy that patched him up said he did everything he could, and his fate now rests in god's hands. During the night, the leader fell asleep, the boy died, came back and bit him. The leader woke up and couldn't bring himself to killing the boy, nor accept that he was evil. The doctor then got inside the room and saw eveything. In an instant he took a pair of scissors and stabbed the boy in the eye, killling him. The next day, the guards were seen talking about how everyone now turns when they die, because the boy couldn't have been evil, and they were wrong all this time. Suddenly, a fatigued leader appears and tells everyone that evil and filth has reached the hearts of the purest people, as his son turned into a monstrosity too. People then notice he has a fever, but he refuses it saying it's from exhaustion. People then start walking away, while the leader is left alone, yelling that god will punish anyone who leaves his side. he then kept on saying that he is the emissary of god, and the only hope for their redemption. A while later, he is seen fallen down, burning in fever and being delusional. The doctor goes over him and says he is inected. The leader says that he dies for their sins like Jesus did. Then he blacks out and dies. After his death there is a debate where someone says they should let him walk among the vile, because vile he is, but another one says this isn't what god would have wanted them to do. So he kills him and they bury him. At the funeral, they promise to follow his example and start living by the word of god

Meanwhile, on the trucks, William's group reunite with their loved ones and rejoice. William apologises to Christine for leaving them alone, but says they have a surprise for everyone. The reason they took some extra days to return is because things went well and they scouted all the way to the second secret laboratory. They sould be there by morning. 

Norman's captureEdit

See Norman's capture

Final wordsEdit

Someone will say "Life only ends once. I 'm gonna make it count". Jack says that.


Nothing is heard of the Navy, other than some of its forces fought bravely against the ziggurats. Other than that, these forces were too few, so the majority of the Navy should have been fighting somewhere else. Redrick said he expected the military to show up sometime, since he believed they were not exterminated. William stated the ships must have broken down when th shockwave hit, but that couldn't have happened as only communications were nullified. In reality, the navy was ordered by the US government to help evacuate them and take them out on the ocean, where it would be safe for them. Years later, the us government returned to govern once more.

Meeting familiar facesEdit

A group is encountered in which there is someone that a member of the group knew before the apocalypse. Although they didn't have a very close relationship, they were both happy to see someone they knew alive, and discuss how odd it feels to see each other alive

Cocoon aliensEdit

Near the end, or maybe in the new series, a new alien species is created which roam the earth and web the leechers. These creatures do not fight, and hide when they encounter humans, in order to keep their existence a secret. The cocooned humans get on a ziggurat and after the timeskip they are released or something like that. Maybe Mat Davis tricks a webber into cocconing him, and then becomes such a powerful creature.

Nora and Jason danceEdit

Nora tells Jason she is worried because she is changing. She says the first time she killed a leecher she puked for over three days, while now she sees gifhting like dancing. Like she was nervous when she first danced, but then got addicted to it, the same happens with the killing. She now is addicted to it. Jason says he feels the same way, and a few days later he takes her out of the camp in a concert hall. There, he dresses her i a nice dress, and he puts on "all the right moves" from onerepublic, and they dance. They get in a relationship after this night, and Jason tells Nora their humanity will return after they wipe the aliens out

Religion groupEdit

A group appears which worships the aliens and wants all humans to submit to it. Ryan Lainus is proved to be behind this

Dog whistlesEdit

It is revealed that leechers can hear the whistle Greg hs for his dog, and a scientist much later makes a devide  which is dropped into an enemy camp. There, the device is heard by leechers for a long distance, and they swarm the place.

Alien PrisonEdit

When going to the military base where William's brother was, the group find the ziggurat Ryan told them and inspect it. William notes that the Ziggurat has very few weapons heading towards the outside, and most of these face inwards. Then James says there is only one explanation about this. They want to keep whatever is inside, inside. The Ziggurat is a prison. William says they should leave it for the time being, and they carry on.

When they reach the military base, they see that they have few  men and weapons to do most things. After William imposes a military junta on the camp, he decides they should assault the ziggurat to free whatever is inside, in order to aid them against the sovereigns, or at least salvage any equipment . Others protest, stating that there  might be other aliens inside that may not be friendly too, but William says that for all they know it could be humans. So the plan carries on and people board the remaining planes and attack the defensive weapons of the ziggurat. Then a group boards it and assumes control by killing all aliens on top of it. The prisoners are set free, and most of them are aliens, one of them a sovereign. Ryan Lainus is also there and says it was his intention to lead William to attack the prison. He says he will explain everything when they are safe, and says that there is a sovereign prisoner who wants the other sovereigns dead, and can land this ziggurat safely. William complies, having no other choice

When they land, William tries to take the aliens by force, but Ryan assures him that he won't succeed anything with this. The sovereign forces take up arms too, and knowing that there will be casualties on both sides, William releases Ryan and asks him some questions. Ryan says he met the sovereign when he served the aliens, and they became driends. The sovereign is a spouse of the sovereigns who was to be killed but survived and was imprisoned. They became friends because despite being evolved, they still love their children.

The Sovereign's group then takes control of the ziggurat, saving it from crashing and the humans on it from dying. He then says he will aid the humans against the sovereigns, since they share a common enemy. He promises he and his people won't harm any human, instead they will help save them.

After a long time, the Sovereign returns and says he and his people have cleared an area in which the humans can go and live, while he and his people figth against the aliens. There is strong debate in the group about whether they should go or not, and then james steps up and shows some historic evidence that they shouldn't go. Specifically,he says that the nazis told the jews that they would go to have a bath, instead they led them to the ovens. There is a controversy with the group and the aliens when the humans refuse to go there, but the aliens respect their decision. The group is still not certain of the rebel aliens' true intentions.

After some time, a battle takes place between the rebels and the occupants, and the rebels are defeated completely. The sovereign survives though. He finds the humans and joins them, promising to aid them. The group accepts him, but his intentions are different. Being desperate to survive, he wants to betray the humans and lead them straight to the sovereigns' hands, in hopes that they will accept him back. His plan is sabotaged by Lydia, who destroys the jamming device. The sovereign says she can't disarm the device because she doesn't know how to turn it off, and Lydia just shoots it, destroying it. The sovereign is displeased by this, and curses her, before explaining why he did what he did. She then says the humans will survive because they stick together and gight for each other and may even die for each other. She notes that if the Sovereigns didn't have their minions fight for them, they would have never risen to become what they are. She then shoots him, killing him.

It is later revealed, during a talk with another sovereign, that this sovereign wanted to kill the other sovereigns and be the only one to command all the species. Zeus also said that knowing him, he most probably would try to leech the remaining humans himself, had he been successful at destroying the aliens. He also said that the place he wanted them to go would mest probably be somewhere where he could leech them more easily.

Creation of another leech ZigguratEdit

The aliens create another ziggurat that will infect the whole earth with leecher eggs, turning all humans into leechers. This info is intercepted when the army attacks a huge alien force.

This is the final battle of the series. Everyone in the deadlands is enlisted, emissaries are sent back to the military base, and a new alliance is born. Even so, the aliens outnumber then 200 to 1. Therefore a plan is devised to bring down the leeching machine and maybe even alter it so that the aliens will die instead of humans. 

Cold WinterEdit

In the early stages of the post-invasion, the shockwave from Xianfar affected the sun and for a short while it didn't emit certain waves meaning the light was getting low and the earth became colder. Thankfully after a few months the temperature went back to normal


When they set out to reach the ocean, they encounter a big oil leak, the whole coast is contaminated and it will take tens and maybe hundreds of years to clean that up. Then they leave, since there is nothing left for them there

Child disappearance Edit

When they are in the deadlands, one of the group's children goes missing. Things are dramatic, many people are heard talking about the incident and everyone is shocked by this, so an investigation begins. At some point, it is revealed that the kid was bullied and abused by other children, and an accident happened and he died. Then the other children consulted their parents, who disposed of the body by taking it outside the walls and leaving it to reanimate. Later they covered up the whole thing by lying.

Brian is among these children, who is good friends with the son of one of the people in charge of the deadlands. He didn't have many friends in the commmunity, because he stood up for Boone, and none of the other children played with him. He feared the same would happen here, so despite he didn't hurt the boy, he did nothing to stop others from doing so.

At first, there is the disappearance. When the child does't return home at night, the parents start searching for him, and so does the rest of the community. Everyone is out on the streets, but the boy is nowhere to be found. There are many zombies outside the walls, and everyone fears the kid may have fallen from the wall down. Many days later, as the zombies are cleared, the zombified kid is found with his legs shattered. It is revealed through a necropsy that he fell legs down from the wall, which is weird, but could happen. At some point, Christine talks to the leader's young daughter accidentally, and sees that the girl is scared and traumatised about the incident of that night. Her mother keeps her away, fearing the girl might let something out, and Christine thinks the girl is like this because her brother was taken in for questioning. She talks to her again at some point,

Community falls Edit

It falls when the remnants of the empire fight back and take all of their forces on an attack in the community. There is a massacre, but some major characters survive. Most people of the community die though


The empire will be divided into many communities. These communities will be ruled by men of the empire who wil have full control over it, and the locals will be forced to wrk for them. These communities don't know the existence of one another, and William will make a huge effort to bring these communities together. In the final battle, the communities will rise up against the oppressors, and some of these will join William's army of freedom. A very important battle will be at the gun factory, which will be heavily fortified, and Wlliam's group will be asked with overtaking it. If they lose this battle, then the enemy will have enough guns to win the war, but Willaim wins and they bring the leechers inside the empire's capital. After the capital falls, the lesser communities who aided the empire slowly fall one by one.

Sadistic, torturer, rapistEdit

A man who was crazy even before the apocalypse, but lost it more afterwards. He takes pleasure in seeing others suffer at his hands and watching people and especially women and children standing unprotected in front of him.He hides among the chaos and manipulates others into following him to his apartment, where he does horrible things to them.

When he was captured, the moral question rose about whether they should kill him or not. He tells them that now the world has fallen int chaos, eveyone is free to do as they please, and when it comes to creatures like humans, this can't be good. Then he says maybe the aliens are here for good after all. He laughs but  is shot and killed.


A captive and a sovereign discuss about how the sovereigns are more advanced than humans. The human then asks what alughter is, to which the sovereign answers generally and biologically. The human asks again why do people laugh, to which the sovereign doesn't know to answer. Then he says this is what makes humans superior, the fact that they enjoy life as it is, and make soomething out of it instead of seeking to become better and better all the time. The Sovereign then gets angry and kills him

Cure to LeechingEdit

A character appears (near the end) and says she saw her boyfriend change in the beginning of the invasion without being leeched, but just died. She says everyone she told this said she was crazy, until one day the dead started becoming leechers.

Much before this, there is an event where the aliens release leech eggs in the whole world, and these get inside humans, and are activated when the human immune system is nullified (when the person dies). Then, whoever dies turns into a zombie leecher. The scientists wonder why there was a time between the battle of Xianfar and the second egg release when the humans didn't have eggs in ttheir system, and they deduce that the blast from the ziggurat must have killed all the eggs in the world, and it made sense as the leeches (before the blast) took orders from the aliens through radio waves. After the blast, they turne to the known categories

Right after the second release  of the eggs, a girl is found saying that her brother died the other day and turned into a leecher without any apparent reason. The group studied the corpse and found out he had HIV. After one more member dies from natural causes and turns too, they deduce the eggs that were released are inside everyone and whoever dies, or has theur immune system nullified (like the HIV patient) turns

Deadlands supply tripEdit

While in the deadlands, a large group goes on a supply trip to a government laboratory a few states away. Some are hesitant, due to the dangers, but most agree it's time for such a trip to take place. On the way, they encounter a big alien force, and despite they figght bravely, they are wiped out. Only a few survive and return back. Then a bigger force leaves the deadlands to decimate the alien force and resume the supply trip. This happens, and the scientists in the deadlands are equipped with new equipment after about half a month.The one soldier who managed to return to the deadlands is recognised now to have come a long way since the beginning and have become one of the top soldiers in the army

Deadlands music group Edit

While in the deadlands, they find out there is a music center in town where artists perform. Lance starts to trust this community when he sees the music center, and he characteristically says "If you ever can't tell good from bad, go where people sing. Bad people don't sing". This is said many times afterwards, like when James visits the cartel base to teach at the university there. That university has no art school, and when he asks the leader why that is, he says it is useless and he only wants useful professions. Then he says in a low voice "you are bad".

Deadlands fallEdit

When they make the coup at the military base, they are helped by a group of pilots who survived the battle of Xianfar. When they leave, the pilots go with them in new york. There, they attempt another coup, and nearly succeed. They are though stopped and most are arrested. A trial takes place, and they say they should be the leaders because they lost most than anyone in the battle, and should be treated as war heroes. Everyone else in leadership probably hid from the leeches. William intervenes and asks that they are exiled instead of imprisoned or executed, due to their past feats. The council agrees, and William escorts them on the pllace the helicopters land, telling them that they chose this method to send them away, because it wound give them a better chance and it would also draw away a lot of leechers. He instructs them to abandon the helicopter quickly so that they won't get overwhelmed. One of them interrupts him and says they will do just fine by themselves. William throws the bag of supplies down, tells them they gave them more than they had to, and that if they ever returned back, William would kill them himself.

They leave, and a while later they return with more helicopters. Behind them, there is an infinite herd of leechers, consisting of leechers until the eye can see. Looks like the group drew them here in helicopters, and they also made rounds over the city and shot with machine guns, bringing down civilians. (When the leechers reach the city). 

The city council takes measures against the leechers, and takes the military outside to clear as much of them as they can. 

The city council decide to take measures against the leechers, and sends the military outside the walls to thin the leechers. The military runs low on bullets though,and it is too dangerous to get close to that herd to kill them with melee weapons. Molotov bombs and fire don't work either, because the heavy rain puts out the fire. As a last resort and with the leechers approaching the city perimeter, they decide to evacuate the city. Someone suggests that since the leechers have gathered here, the outer areas may be almost cleared. He suggests that they evacuate, take anything they can, and destroy the whole city to burn the leechers along with them. They agree despite the fact that they will have to rebuild everything. William and a few others volunteer to distract the leechers, and they do by activating some sirens, while everyone escapes. Lots of people are gunned down, and a few helicopters are shot down, but four of them land safely, with their engines still running to attract leechers. After activating the sirens, William runs there with some other people and fights them, and kills them all. The last one remaining says they should be leaders because they fought, and they did this because they were dying out there. William then shoots him, and says he promised that he would kill them, should they ever come back.

William then takes a chopper and escapes, landing on a ship carrying people. before that, he takes the helicopter and leads the leechers away from the route they agreed people would escape from, taking a lot of heat off the escapees.


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