A list of all the characters that appear in the Beyond the Blue series.

Original Characters

Harris Family

Gale Family

Martin & Jones Families

Davis Family

Lainus Family

Single characters

Redshirt Military Characters

Randomly encountered Characters

Pell Family

Military Encampment Fighters

See Military Encampment

Sarah's group

Prison Inmates

See Prison Inmates

The Reapers

See The Reapers

Squat survivors


The Cartel

The Irish

Random characters vol 2

Father Samuel

Joleene Fowler

Rick Newmann


At some point, most probably during the deadlands, a group of politicians will arrive. There will be some members of the government and opposition, and they won't be all on the same side. There will be two distinctive groups. One (right wing) that will try to ascend into authority, and will suceed in doing so. Their best argument will be that they were into the government beforethe invasion, and running things is their logical place. They will also make an alliance with the runners, and will use them to press the government to give them power. When the come into power, they will work with William and the rest of the leaders for a while, until the incident with William's son and the other politicians' children. After the riot that will break out, many of them will be killed, sent away or imprisoned. The second party (socialists) will use the uprise to its advantage and will take part in the upcoming elections, and probably will come first. The wife of the leader of the community will be offered to be elected with them, since her husband was a member of this political party, but she will say that an apocalypse happened and she doesn't owe them anything anymore. She also says that the apocalypse is as good as any a chance to change the world for the better, and ridding positions of power from scam like them is the best way to do that.

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