Adan Young is a boy who lived with Lance Carpenter in an occupied building before the apocalypse. When the apocalypse hit, he and those who couldn't fight back hid inside the building where aliens didn't find them. The other young men and women stayed outside and gave their lives to protect them. When the group passed by, Danny couldn't help but go and search for them, and was surprised when he found some of them still alive. They were then taken back to the rest of the group where they still are.

Adan was an orphan as both his parents died when he was only an infant. He managed to survive the crash though and Lance thought this was some  sort f a miracle, despite he didn't believe in such things. After going to live with some foster families, Adan was thrown out of his last house and Lance took hin in the squat and raised him as his own

Adan is 14 years old

During the elections at deadlands, Adan will be killed by some far right supporters. Riots will follow, and in fear of a general uprise, the leader of the opposition will back down, the army will cease supporting them and william will stand by the leftists' side.Adan's death will play a huge part in the political landscape of the deadlands. Willima will make the following statement after his death: Ernest Hemingway once said, "the best people possess a thing for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, these virtues make them vulnerable. they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed". I would never be able to find a bteer description for the kind of man (name) was. But Hemmingway was wrong. These man are not vulnerable. They are immortal. They live through their virtues. They live through the change they bring in the world. (Name) was, is, such a man. I stand by him, I stand by what he believes, therefore I support (he will support the movement in the coming elections)

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